We support you in the following areas:

  • Holistic approach to data, expertise, analytics and governance and management that coordinates data/information that brings value to each program and service delivery pathway
    and the full continuum of your programs and
    • Clarity on data and information access policies and procedures across programs.
    • Leveraging information to support predictive and performance analytics across HHS programs and service pathways.
    • Addressing “need to know” and consent management requirements to enable appropriate information access required for enhanced care coordination.


  • At Each Level of Operations, Within and Across HHS Program Areas.

  • Moving From Data to Information to Knowledge to Actions – Improving
      1) Access,
      2) Outcomes,
      3) Costs,
      4) Accountability and
      5) Quality

  • Data, Information and Knowledge for Improving Decision Support Capacity to –
    • Anticipate;
    • Support; and
    • Validate Key Decisions and Activities at All Levels

Resource: HHS Advisory POV Decision Support - From Data to Knowledge & Action May 2021 (PDF file)

For full-screen PDF, click the Pop-out button on the upper right hand corner. To download this file, click here: From Data to Knowledge & Action May 2021 (PDF file)